Humor, baby, humor

Humor is one of the most important things in a good relationship!  You can fight like cats and dogs, but be sure you wind  up laughing.  My husband even steals the Mel Brooks punchline, below.  It may be completely off our subject,  but it works every time.

Case in point: famous story about comedic genius Mel Brooks and his actress wife Anne Bancroft. Brooks, Jewish. Bancroft, Italian.  On television talk shows, he laughed and called her an Italian fruitcake. “ You don't mess with those!”

The famous story goes that they were having a heated argument. So heated, that she gave him a  shove. He shoved her back.

At that, she drew herself to her full height,  threw her head back,  and with even voice  declared , “How dare you! My body is my instrument!”

 To which he replied, “Oh yeah?  Let’s hear Begin the Beguine!