Good Times!
Thanks For Stopping By!

   What a great time over Labor Day Weekend at the huge AJC Decatur Book Festival  in Atlanta! 

   Thank you for lovin’ our gal PJ SANTINI and picking up your signed copies of the first two novels in the PJ Santini series,
Heels Of Fortune and Hell On Heels. 

   One dedicated reader even brought her copy of my first book,  How To Win Friends, Kick Ass and Influence People (1999 St. Martin’s Press), and  asked that I sign it! 

   A big thank you to my thoughtful husband, Chuck de Caro, for  his unwavering support and for showing up with a truckload of gold balloons and - not one but -TWO bigger-than-life size Lynne standup cutouts!  The other Me’s are even sporting thigh holsters. And Chuck provided bottles of chilled Prosecco  to keep the mood bubbly, over those two long, hot and muggy days of meeting readers, signing books, sharing a lot of laughing. As you can see by the happy expression on my author friend Debby Woods’s face, it worked! Bubbly R Us!

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Thanks again!

The DECATUR BOOK FESTIVAL in ATLANTAthe largest independent US book festival! 

SAT Aug 31: 10AM-6PM 
SUN Sept 1:  Noon-6PM.

Outdoors, free admission!  It will be such fun on Labor Day weekend!


 “George Clooney was a shoe salesman, kneeling at my feet. In my fantasy...”
-PJ SANTINI, Hell On Heels, the new first book of my PJ Santini Series

Our girl  PJ Santini has lots of fantasies. Sometimes they keep her alive, when they reflect reality and she imagines how badly a private investigative job could turn out. That’s when they jump-start her brain into Fight-or-Flight, and she tries everything she can think of. Sometimes her fantasies collide with stressful reality, causing her to stop thinking of the present altogether and imagine herself down to a size 6 and light as a feather, with plenty of leeway to throw down a bowlful of macaroni and cheese soup followed by a good-size piece of New York cheesecake, just to keep up her strength.

Then there are the shoe dreams... and George Clooney, who is cradling her bare foot in his hot hands. He never really says anything, preferring to shoot her meaningful glances with his moony eyes. Her subconscious is beginning to reason that if he isn’t going to talk, his tongue won’t mind running some moisture along her instep....


What’s that? Women are too given to living in a fantasy world? PJ and I have one word for you: Playboy. At this point, I’m thinking of a fun piece I wrote for one of Jeff Cohen’s Playboy Newsstand Specials called Body Language. 

Have a good day.

The Safest Book Store In Town!

I would like to thank Tall Tales Books in Atlanta, an honest-to-goodness, 40-year-old book store dedicated to aficionados of the written word (and our  thanks to its camera shy owner Rebekah!) for hosting the book signing party for the first two PJ SANTINI SERIES novels, HELL ON HEELS and HEELS OF FORTUNE, yesterday! 

Surprise guests included my 1st Choi Kwang Do instructor, 8th degree Grandmaster Marshall Pereira, and 6th degree Master Susan Whitfield. I am happy to report that during that period of time not a single item was stolen from the store!

And CNN was there  - Classic CNN, as anchor Toria Tolley  pronounced when she blew in and saw director D’Antonio Dixon, who had brought his tripod/camera. (Does that count as three guests? Probably not, since the tripod didn’t eat any cookies.) 

We also were joined by brilliant photographer Claude Wegscheider; physician to the stars James Kinahan; and  the female whose combustible combination of creativity and shrewd business woman, Renate Stender Kinahan, established the original two Café Intermezzos In Atlanta. 

Thank you for coming, everyone! 

I’ll be on the road and posting more information as we go.

And of course there will be the largest independent book festival in the United States over Labor Day weekend:

The AJC Decatur Book Festival

Come for the Street Fair!

See you at BOOTH 411 !

Saturday August 31, 10am–6pm
Sunday September 1, 12pm–6pm.

Brazilians vs Nails.
Where to put your money.

“One spa waiting room said “Nails”, the other said “Brazilians”. Clients on the “Brazilians” side looked a lot happier. My guess is it’s because 99% of them were getting laid. Just a theory.”

-PJ SANTINI, #HeelsOfFortune, the new second book of the #PJSantiniSeries


In Atlanta This Weekend?

It’s a date! Lynne Russell will be at
Tall Tales Books
2 PM, Saturday July 20, 2019
for a PJ Santini Series book signing!

Tall Tales Books, in the Toco Hills Shopping Center, 2105 LaVista Rd NE, near Emory and the CDC
See you there!


Save the date! Saturday July 20 at 2 PM 
Atlanta’s classic Tall Tales Books
2105 Lavista Rd NE, Atlanta, GA. 

It will be such fun to meet fans of Hell On Heels and Heels Of Fortune!  PJ Santini  fans tend to share certain aspects of PJs wacky world ... dangerous men, an irresistible passion for shoes, curiosity about things better left alone, a secret pair of “fat“ jeans  in the closet, a knack for thinking of almost any food as comfort food... and relatives who may or may not be rational at any given moment. Then there’s the TV News business, which really can be murder. 

So mark your calendar, and let’s get together. The third Saturday in July! See you then. 

Sometimes I buy wine just for the label, like  #Cat’sPeeOnAGooseberryBush, then I take off the label and have no idea what the #MysteryWine is.
-#PJ SANTINI, #HeelsOfFortune, the new 2nd book of the #PJSantiniSeries