PJ3: LOVE HEELS! The TV news business can be murder


Well, that was one helluva COVID winter, wasn’t it? I hope you’re feeling better about things now. So much happened, yet we also can be thankful for so much.


While we were napping, PJ Santini was having adventures all over the place. They’re documented in the third book of the PJ Santini series, LOVE HEELS! The TV news business can be murder.


So much good stuff happens in this book, I was going to name it something else. Because amid the homicide investigations and human duplicity and suspicion and betrayal, love shows up in the most unlikely ways. Between us, I was going to call it LOVE HEALS! But PJ intervened:


“Are you nuts?” she said to me in between glasses of wine (hers and mine) one night when I was writing, hunkered down by the fireplace in a log house on the side of a mountain. “You can’t do that! People expect me to be kickass, not sentimental!”


“But you’re Italian,” I told her, “Sicilian, in fact, which is even more hardcore. Sentimentality is in your DNA.”


“Do you want me to tell readers about the time you blew the windshield out of a rental car?”


“You wouldn’t.”


“Try me,” she said, pulling at the thong panties I make her wear under a corset.


“But I created you. You’re a character in a book. I can do whatever I want.”


“Who gets more fan mail, me or you? You need me, skinny girl.”


“You have a point. But...” I had to know why she was so upset. “Is it because you can’t breathe in the corset and I’ve given you a big butt?”


“You also gave me 38DD’s. More than you’ve got. Capice?”


“Not true.” I could not lose this argument. “If you don’t watch your words, I’ll give you something you never wanted, a Meaningful Domestic Relationship.”


“And I’ll give you a pregnant heroine.”


Oh god, no. “Okay, you win. It’s Love Heels!


          Here’s where PJ3 picks up


PJ Santini, private investigator and TV news reporter, is dusting off her Louboutin stilettos after a 2 a.m. cemetery shootout in Buffalo, NY. Already, her tanned, toned PI boss’s new society divorce case is turning into a homicide investigation. It may kill her but it won’t get in the way of Chianti and pasta. Ma cooks. Pop, a retired cop, works Cold Cases in the basement between meals. Her Sicilian Nonna, whose specialty is revenge, is jilted by her lover and invents Bidet therapy. Her “connected” cousin, Sandro “The Eel” DiLeo, needs a favor.

             What could go wrong?