Good Times!
Thanks For Stopping By!

   What a great time over Labor Day Weekend at the huge AJC Decatur Book Festival  in Atlanta! 

   Thank you for lovin’ our gal PJ SANTINI and picking up your signed copies of the first two novels in the PJ Santini series,
Heels Of Fortune and Hell On Heels. 

   One dedicated reader even brought her copy of my first book,  How To Win Friends, Kick Ass and Influence People (1999 St. Martin’s Press), and  asked that I sign it! 

   A big thank you to my thoughtful husband, Chuck de Caro, for  his unwavering support and for showing up with a truckload of gold balloons and - not one but -TWO bigger-than-life size Lynne standup cutouts!  The other Me’s are even sporting thigh holsters. And Chuck provided bottles of chilled Prosecco  to keep the mood bubbly, over those two long, hot and muggy days of meeting readers, signing books, sharing a lot of laughing. As you can see by the happy expression on my author friend Debby Woods’s face, it worked! Bubbly R Us!

   Until the next one, remember we can stay in touch via this blog 
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Thanks again!