The Safest Book Store In Town!

I would like to thank Tall Tales Books in Atlanta, an honest-to-goodness, 40-year-old book store dedicated to aficionados of the written word (and our  thanks to its camera shy owner Rebekah!) for hosting the book signing party for the first two PJ SANTINI SERIES novels, HELL ON HEELS and HEELS OF FORTUNE, yesterday! 

Surprise guests included my 1st Choi Kwang Do instructor, 8th degree Grandmaster Marshall Pereira, and 6th degree Master Susan Whitfield. I am happy to report that during that period of time not a single item was stolen from the store!

And CNN was there  - Classic CNN, as anchor Toria Tolley  pronounced when she blew in and saw director D’Antonio Dixon, who had brought his tripod/camera. (Does that count as three guests? Probably not, since the tripod didn’t eat any cookies.) 

We also were joined by brilliant photographer Claude Wegscheider; physician to the stars James Kinahan; and  the female whose combustible combination of creativity and shrewd business woman, Renate Stender Kinahan, established the original two Café Intermezzos In Atlanta. 

Thank you for coming, everyone! 

I’ll be on the road and posting more information as we go.

And of course there will be the largest independent book festival in the United States over Labor Day weekend:

The AJC Decatur Book Festival

Come for the Street Fair!

See you at BOOTH 411 !

Saturday August 31, 10am–6pm
Sunday September 1, 12pm–6pm.