“George Clooney was a shoe salesman, kneeling at my feet. In my fantasy...”
-PJ SANTINI, Hell On Heels, the new first book of my PJ Santini Series

Our girl  PJ Santini has lots of fantasies. Sometimes they keep her alive, when they reflect reality and she imagines how badly a private investigative job could turn out. That’s when they jump-start her brain into Fight-or-Flight, and she tries everything she can think of. Sometimes her fantasies collide with stressful reality, causing her to stop thinking of the present altogether and imagine herself down to a size 6 and light as a feather, with plenty of leeway to throw down a bowlful of macaroni and cheese soup followed by a good-size piece of New York cheesecake, just to keep up her strength.

Then there are the shoe dreams... and George Clooney, who is cradling her bare foot in his hot hands. He never really says anything, preferring to shoot her meaningful glances with his moony eyes. Her subconscious is beginning to reason that if he isn’t going to talk, his tongue won’t mind running some moisture along her instep....


What’s that? Women are too given to living in a fantasy world? PJ and I have one word for you: Playboy. At this point, I’m thinking of a fun piece I wrote for one of Jeff Cohen’s Playboy Newsstand Specials called Body Language. 

Have a good day.